Abruzzo Heritage

The Italy Heritage website ( ItalyHeritage.com ) has one of the most informative collections covering all of the regions of Italy. Follow the Abruzzo Heritage thru these links that will connect you to the four Province in Abruzzo. Click on a Region below – there you will find a complete listing of the cities. Click on a City and you will begin to appreciate Abruzzo.

  • Information on Italy, with insights into the very soul of villages and towns and the great wealth of historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauties of our regions;
  • Documents, photos, genealogy records, cemetery images, to help the descendants of Italians to get back to their roots through research;
  • Articles to rediscover the importance of the traditions that our forebears kept as their special treasure in their quest for a better future.
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Province of L’Aquila



Province of Chieti

Chietii map


Province of Pescara



Province of Teramo



Volo Abruzzo
Video of Pacentro